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Membership Information: Why Join IFCOMA?

IFCOMA is the voice for the footwear component manufacturers in India - from the top multinational entrants to the small manufacturer. Regardless of size, manufacturers share common goals and policy concerns.

The benefits of membership are described here.

IFCOMA has been representing Indian Footwear Component Manufacturers since 1992.IFCOMA is working exclusively to promote the interests of manufacturers.

  • Members determine the policies that IFCOMA supports. We conduct surveys, conferences, seminars and policy meetings, to find the best options available and coordinate efforts with various bodies.
  • IFCOMA members are located all over India i.e. in every state.
  • IFCOMA increases its influence through a network of affiliated groups, manufacturing trade associations and state institutions.
  • Economic Growth is Our Number-One Priority.
  • Taxation and Duty Reforms is a long-term as well as short-term goal.
  • Skill Development and Training programs.
  • Commitment to Scientific Research.
  • Commitment to Export and to maintain International Quality Standards.
  • Relentless pursuit of policies that will promote economic growth.

Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association

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