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Government Schemes

In this section we plan to bring to our members the latest information and analyses on the Government of India Notifications, Gazettes, Reports that are announced from time to time.

We hope that this section will soon become a source of ready made information to our members who at times find it extremely difficult to assess the implications of the various policy matters that are declared by the GOI and its Ministries from time to time.

As this web site is being launched, we have summarized the the latest EXIM Policy (2003 - 2004) and the Highlights of the Union Budget of 2003. Members will find in the Union Budget section a detailed analysis of the currently applicable excise and custom duties on leather, leather products, footwear components and raw materials which used in the leather industry.

We hope that members will benefit from the information posted in this section and we look forward to receiving your suggestions regarding the kind of information you would like to see in this section.

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