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Where can I find more information about the program?

Information on the IFCOMAONLINE membership rules, benefits and access is available online and can help you better understand the membership rules, benefits and access policy.

Who can join the IFCOMA ONLINE membership?

IFCOMA ONLINE membership has been designed for the Indian Footwear Component Manufacturers Association Members only. Our members are entitled to all the features, benefits and services that the association has presented on this web site apart from the normal activities and services being offered to our members on other forums.

Others such as institutions, vendors, raw material suppliers, cargo handlers, web site visitors / guests, international organizations can apply for online access to certain portions of our web site upon obtaining associate membership. Applications to the membership program are reviewed by IFCOMA. Upon approval and receipt of membership fees you shall be issued a USER ID, PASSWORD which will enable you to access information on the association's web site.

How do I enroll in the IFCOMAONLINE membership?

Complete the online membership form and indicate your desired password choice. IFCOMA will not sell or barter your email address.

Once I have filled in the on-line registration to become a IFCOMAONLINE member, how long before I can access all the benefits of the program?

Access to the IFCOMAONLINE benefits are only upon approval. We will review your application within 10 days. If all conditions are found in order and your payments have been received, you can access your benefits once IFCOMA has sent you notification of your acceptance into the program. Please note that it is only after you are notified of acceptance, you can access the benefits available to you on this web site.

Which payment methods are accepted for IFCOMA membership?

We are currently accepting payment only by cheque / pay order / demand draft (Indian Rupees for domestic members and US Dollars for international associate members).

How can I update/modify company and contact information?

You can update all of your company information online, using your current User ID and password.

How can I pay for a special services that I may ask from IFCOMA?

Payment for all services at the terms and charges discussed and conveyed shall be made cheque / pay order / demand draft (Indian Rupees for domestic members and US Dollars for international associate members).

For which areas of the site do I need a user ID and password? How do I get a user ID and password? I forgot my user ID and/or password; what should I do?

You need a user ID and password in order to access IFCOMAONLINE 'Data Centre', 'IFCOMA NEWS', IFCOMA Discussion Board', 'IFCOMA Bulletin Board', 'Associate Member Area' and some other areas of the site. Such areas shall be earmarked, highlighted and will ask for your ID and Password before bringing up the requisite web pages.

You can get a user ID and password by joining the IFCOMA Membership Program. You assign yourself a user ID and Password. Joining will also entitle you to the other benefits that are detailed in the membership area. If you have forgotten your user ID and/or password, email to these addresses

Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association

Gate No. 1, FDDI Complex, A-10/A, Sector-24, Opp Kendriya Vidyalaya NOIDA - 201301, INDIA.

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